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So I have been thinking about starting this food blog for almost a year now, and something about this seemingly endless, 4 month summer prompted me to finally put this plan into action. Quite a few people have asked me what the premise of this food blog would be. What niche area I would target in order to tap into this, admittedly, over saturated market of food-blogs. Ya know something along the lines of making hundreds of sandwiches (300, to be exact) or solely making meals that you can sneak into movie theaters called ‘sneaky treats’ (great idea, someone do that please). Giving this blog some sort of gimmick had honestly never crossed my mind, because I like to think of making food as an experience, and hopefully by the end of the experience the cook would have further mastered their technical skills, gained ideas for future recipes, and left their taste testers satisfied, because all food is good food. Therefore, this blog will consist of healthy meals, fatty snacks, quick recipes, slow-cooked dishes, and any other realm of foods I can work with. This blog is, admittedly, mainly for myself and serves as a place to store and document recipes, so if anyone else finds this blog interesting or even attempts a recipe then I would be incredibly honored and my expectations exceeded.

So really I am left asking myself, will anyone read this blog ?..
~it beets me~

-Nithya K

note: working on camera shindigs, so bear with me for a few weeks





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  1. I love your blog! All your pictures look like something from Pininterest. I’ve always loved reading travel blogs and yours seems so professional! Hope you’ll continue your blogging because I really like your writing and photography!!! You’re a true foodie 😀

  2. Chitra Somayaji April 8, 2015 — 4:35 pm

    N — I love this blog! Just heard about it through the family grapevine, and now cant stop reading it….trying to start at the beginning and make my way through it all…

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