Classy College — Eats of the Week

Hello hello! It’s been over a week since I updated the flog, but this is officially my first post from college! This post isn’t necessarily a recipe post, but rather a collection of mini meals that I have put together in my dorm over the past week. None of these meals used an oven or stove (except for the fried egg, oops), so they are super quick and college friendly. However, I do actually have a kitchen on my floor (!!!) so the regular recipe posts will hopefully continue. Over the past few months, I have been slowly purchasing my own cookware and utensils so that I would have my own set in college, so I am fully equipped to cook real meals here. The kitchen on our floor is super tiny with four electric stove burners on top of a mini oven and broiler set, which is adjacent to a sink and towel dispenser. There is no actual counter top space, so I’ve been using the tables in the common room to prep my food. One of my next posts will be the first real meal that I have cooked here, a mushroom polenta with raisins and cherry tomatoes, but I have actually cooked 3 times here in the last week!! One of my biggest worries when coming to college was that I wouldn’t have time for cooking or that the extra effort I would have to put in to cook would lower my enthusiasm for it, but cooking is an even bigger part of my life now than before. I really enjoy the challenge of having a different kitchen environment and limited cookware/ingredients. It takes more planing and effort to cook even the most simple foods, but that makes the product all the more satisfying. Anyways, more rambles about dorm cooking will come in my next post, but for now, here are my semi-home made meals of the week.

Frozen Raspberries & Almond Milk

Frozen Raspberries & Almond Milk

Frozen raspberries, almond milk, and pecans. The acidity from the raspberries leave you feeling super refreshed in the morning and are perfectly complemented by the pecans and almond milk, which cut out some of the sourness and make this snack more hearty and filling. Recipe inspiration: Laura Miller


Spinach & Miso Soup

Baby Spinach, miso soup packet (Trader Joes) & hot water. Trader Joe’s instant miso soup is satisfying on its own, but the fresh spinach elevates this to more of a meal. I’ve had this 3x already for breakfast before my 8AM classes and it is the perfect warm start to the day 🙂

Miso Soup

More pictures of miso soup, this time without the spinach. Great dorm food either way.

Nutella & Pecans

 A spoonful of Nutella and some pecans. This is a great, super simple fatty treat or post work out snack.


Left over Thai food with a fried egg on top. Not 100% dorm friendly, but with this mini-egg pan that is like $8 from Amazon, fried eggs are a joy to make. These left overs were amped up 1000x due to this fried egg.

Trader Joes Shrimp Tempura Rolls

Trader Joe’s shrimp tempura rolls!! Not even semi made, but I included it because I wanted to talk about how good these rolls were. It comes with 3 different toppings that, when layered on, give it the same vibe as those extravagant tempura rolls that can run $12-15 at restaurants, and these were only $4!!! Also I got these chopsticks at a school event, so I was excited about that too. I had half of this one day, and the other half the next paired with the miso soup. This sushi made for some great eating and half was more than enough for a meal.


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