Hello Hello (Part II)


Okay so I may have lapsed on posting for quite a few months.. I think 6 to be exact. Although I have stopped posting blogs, I still make new recipes and take pictures for the blog all the time. It is my freshman year in college, so learning how to balance my school/friends/hobbies has been quite the challenge, but I find that I love cooking enough that I make time for it on a weekly basis (often more). However, I rarely have the time to sit down, edit, write, and upload blog posts. But since I haven’t stopped cooking and thinking of this flog, I have accumulated SO MANY recipes and pictures that I can no longer let collect dust amongst my other old files.

Over the next few weeks, I will be catching up and uploading my old recipes. I likely wont post super long blog posts and stick to mainly pictures and recipes for convenience, but I hope any readers out there enjoy the recipes I have made over the past few months! I don’t always keep great records of past recipes, so some may be super general, but play around with them and make them your own if you decide to use them! Use my mess-ups to your advantage 🙂

Thank you to anyone that still reads this blog. You will surely hear from me soon!


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