Avocado, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Ok this isn’t a recipe as much of a “what I ate today” post. And by today, I mean like 4 months ago when I took these pictures and never uploaded them. BUT, I thought this was worth posting since I am still thinking about this sandwich months later. I can almost smell the freshly baked roll and sharp cheese just by looking at these photos — this sandwich is that engrained in my memory.



I don’t think you understand how much of an event making this sandwich was at the time. Cooking for one with basically no storage space is a huge challenge. I rarely ever buy ingredients like eggs, bread, or cheese since they all have limited shelf lives and come almost solely in multiples, but this week everything fell in place and resulted in one, fantastic breakfast sandwich. I would like to formally thank the grocery store I spent 15 minutes biking to that sold fresh rolls, the coffee house on campus for randomly selling single-serving cheese chunks, and the farmers market for selling 1/2 dozen egg cartons. In retrospect, I spent way too much time prepping for this basic sandwich…but I can’t complain because I would/will definitely do this again.



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