Mango Coconut & Thai Tea — Macaron Madness

Part V of my Macaron Madness series~

Another themed-Christmas macaron post! I think making macarons is officially my personal Christmas tradition. Let me rephrase — making macarons until 2 AM, Christmas morning while keeping everyone else up with my egg-whipping and air bubble releasing is the new Christmas tradition.

Mango Coconut Macarons

I’m sad and ashamed to admit that only 3-posts ago featured the macarons I baked from Christmas 2014. OVER A YEAR AGO. Yikes. Regardless, these macarons were arguably my best yet and a great way to round off this Macaron Madness series. I hope to continue adding to the series as I make more macarons, but this is all I have documented to date. Before starting the series, I tried to track down photos of the macarons I made in the pre-flog days, but most of them only existed in old snapchats and one in my cousin’s Instagram post from 164 weeks ago — before I had a smartphone to take a photo of it myself.

Thai Tea Macaron Woman

This years themed Christmas was Thai. The two macaron flavors were inspired by classic Thai (or at least western-Thai) dishes; mango sticky rice and thai iced tea. I also made thai tea ice cream to use up all of the egg yolk waste created in this recipe. To give the shells more flavor, I added 5 grams of ground, sweetened coconut flakes and 5 grams of ground thai tea leaves to their respective batters, making sure to remove 5g of the almond-sugar mix to retain the ratios. If you’ve been reading all of the posts in my macaron series, you’ll see the general trend is grind up whatever flavor you want to infuse in your shells REALLY fine, then swap 5g/200g dry ingredient mix with the new powder. Especially with potent flavors, like coconut or tea in this case, the 5g goes a long way without disturbing the quality of the macaron shell.


These were definitely my best macarons yet~Mango coconut is a huge win if you want to dabble in macaron flavors!!

Basic Macaron Shell Recipe

Mango Coconut Macarons:
swap 5g finely ground, sweetened coconut with dry mixture
– Filling: Basic Vanilla buttercream, but swap the milk with mango puree or thick mango pulp.

Thai Tea Macarons:
swap 2g thai tea, finely ground with dry mixture (use less because the tea is very potent, borderline bitter). Optional
– Filling: make a very concentrated batch of thai tea by adding a couple tablespoons of tea leaves (bought from Ranch99/ any Asian supermarket) to a cup of boiling water. After 5 minutes, strain and continue to reduce tea by half. Let cool

Thai Tea Ganache:
– 4
 oz white chocolate, chopped finely
– 1/4 cup heavy cream + 2 tbs thai tea concentrate (see above)

Heat heavy cream and tea mixture until simmering. Pour over white chocolate. Let sit for 5 minutes, then stir until smooth. Cool before use.






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