Pretty Patties — Macaron Madness

Part IV of my Macaron Madness series!!

I made these macarons for my bosses at the end of my internship in the company colors. It’s a fine line you walk at the end of an internship… trying to show appreciation without inadvertent bribery or giving a gift without seeming disingenuous. I eventually settled on macarons because: a) I love making them and b) they represent a passion of mine outside of the working environment. In hindsight, I probably put way too much work into these macarons than necessary — the usual six hours — but I think they were well received, and like I said before… I LOVE making them.

Pretty Patties ft. Beyonce

Please excuse this very basic picture of macarons and some flowers. After my internship, I left to travel around Spain and Portugal before studying abroad (more on that later), so I busted out my Beyonce calendar to plan out our travel schedule. The dahlias in this picture are from my mom’s garden and they looked so beautiful next to the macarons I COULDN’T RESIST.


The blue macarons are Vanilla-Speculoos. I ground some Speculoos cookies from Trader Joes into the vanilla buttercream filling and 5g into the macaron batter (for the speckled effect pictured). The macaron shells definitely had a distinct “speculoos” taste, just make sure to remove 5g of the dry ingredients to keep the mass ratios constant. The cookies added a nice twist to the classic vanilla macaron. The golden macarons are Salted Caramel. I cheated and bought canned dulce de leche, and sprinkled some coarse sea salt over the caramel before sandwiching. I was planning on making the dulce from “scratch” by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk for a couple of hours, but when I saw the pre-made version I couldn’t justify adding another 4 hours to this already time-intensive process.

Vanilla Speculoos & Salted Caramel

Pretty Patty Macarons

Macaron shell recipe

Vanilla Buttercream Recipe 
note: I usually just eyeball it — whip softened butter, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar together until you like the taste and consistency, adding milk as necessary. But this is a good recipe to go off of.
Also, as mentioned I folded in ~2 ground Speculoos cookies into the buttercream.




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