Raspberry White Chocolate Macarons

Someday I will branch out of my macaron shell into the rest of the dessert world, but that day is not today! There are so many stones left unturned when it comes to making macarons, and I intend to flip every one before I get bored of macaron making!! My most recent fascination has been the saran wrap technique to seamlessly blend colored macaron batters. I stumbled upon a youtube video that mentioned this technique and was so fascinated that I dropped everything to try it out.


IMG_0035.jpgI have a horrible problem where when I get a recipe idea in my head, I cannot give my 100% focus on anything else until it’s made. This leads to recipes scrawled in between my physics notes and countless study hours turned baking hours. Days like this are my happiest days; when an abstract idea becomes a successful, concrete product. I genuinely danced around my apartment when these came out of the oven because I was high on LIFE!
For the filling, I made a thick white chocolate ganache, let it cool completely over night, then whipped it the next morning with a pad of butter to get the desired texture. I find that a whipped ganache not only pipes better, but also lightens the filling so that the chocolate does not overwhelm the cookie. I topped the whipped ganache off with some torn, macerated raspberries which add some much needed tartness to the macarons. The exact recipe is written below. Enjoy!


IMG_0049.jpgRaspberry White Chocolate Macarons:

Basic Macaron Shell
ote: I doubled the recipe, and added red coloring to the almond, powdered sugar, and egg white paste until it was a deep red color. I then folded in the whipped egg whites to get the desired pink color. It is important that you either color the almond paste or whipped egg whites before folding, because it will be impossible to incorporate color once you start folding without over mixing the batter.

To make the swirled pattern, pipe 1/3 of each batter onto a piece of saran wrap. Fold the two colored batters on to  each other and gently roll the two batters into a log. Seal one end and leave one open. Transfer the saran wrapped batter into a piping bag fitted with a round tip. Pipe as normal!!

1/2 c torn raspberries
1 Tbs white sugar

Macerate the raspberries: mix torn raspberries with sugar, let sit for ~20 minutes.

12 oz white chocolate (1 bag)
1/4 c whole milk/heavy cream
2 Tbs butter

Heat milk until scalded, just under a boil (I did this in the microwave).  Pour over white chocolate chips. Let stand for 3 mins then stir until fully melted. Microwave ganache if chips don’t melt into the milk, since the ratio if milk-chocolate is very low. Chill completely over night/ a couple of hours. Once hardened, cut hardened ganache up into cubes and whip in a stand mixer/bowl for 3 minutes until sufficient air is incorporated. Beat in 2 Tbs softened butter to get the desired texture. Place in a piping bag fitted with a star tip.




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