Macarons for Kesem

For the past few months I have been selling my macarons to fundraise for Camp Kesem at my university. Read more about Kesem here, but in short it is a wonderful organization that I would donate all of my money towards, if that was financially responsible or if I had any money to give. Since I have no current income source and have to raise $500 to be able to go to camp, I decided to sell my macarons through the Free & For Sale group on campus. It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and i’ve made over $400 on macarons alone! I’ve met so many awesome baking enthusiasts, foodies, and others who were touched by Kesem’s mission and wanted to support. I haven’t been able to sell macarons for the past few weeks since, alas, I am still in school and have homework to do, but I plan on continuing to sell macs for Kesem for the next few years.


I made these macarons for our annual Make the Magic silent auction and banquet, which ended up selling for $280 at the dessert auction!! W O W. Camp Kesem’s colors are green and blue, so I meant to make green, blue, and white macarons with green tea, oreo, and coffee flavors but ended up ruining ALL OF THE GREEN TEA ONES. I’ve been making macarons for almost 6 years now, and I still mess up 1 out of 5 times. It happens.

Gold-Dusted Coffee Macarons

I considered staying up till 3 am the day before the event to make another green batch, but I decided not to kill myself with sleep deprivation and settle for green tea filling inside the blue and white macarons instead. I also bought edible gold dust to brush on top of the coffee ones because I will take any excuse to go over the top with my macarons. Now that I have edible gold dust, expect to see it brushed on top of everything. Gold dusted cakes! Gold dusted cookies! Gold dusted avocado toast!!


Basic Macaron Shell Recipe

Green Tea Filling:
Melt 1/2 bag white chocolate chips and 2 Tbs heavy cream together in the microwave. Once slightly cooled, stir in 1 Tbs matcha powder. Let cool completely. Once hardened, beat with an electric whisk or mixer until light and fluffy. Add 2 Tbs butter and continue whipping for ~3 minutes. (note: I prefer whipped ganaches because they make the filling much lighter  and create a better ganache/shell ratio)

Oreo Filling:
Crush 1 sleeve of Oreos. Beat with 2 Tbs of butter and ~1/4 cup of melted white chocolate until the desired consistency is reached.

Coffee Filling:
Add coffee extract to french buttercream (here). I find the rich french buttercream carries the coffee flavor very well and utilizes leftover egg yolks from making the shells!


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