13077_916374605080068_6776269370020531374_n.jpgHello hello,

“My name is Nithya, and I am about to be a freshmen in college as a Chemical Engineering major with a minor (fingers crossed) in Food Science. Although lately, especially with the start of this blogging adventure, I have been considering switching completely over to Food Science, but that is future Nithya’s problem.”

That was written two years ago, in the summer of 2014 when I started this Blog. I started food blogging because I was worried that I would lose my drive to cook as I entered a world of chemistry, calculus, and mass balances. I thought that if I blogged, I would continue cooking and keep my creative side alive.

What I discovered freshmen year, however, was that I did not need a food blog to keep me cooking, and that no matter how much time I spent on chemistry or math, I always found time to cook. I found time to cook, but not blog. Freshmen year of college, I would prioritize cooking, but also meeting new people, going to social events, and studying.. so the food blog fell by the way side.

I am now in my sophomore year of college, and “Future Nithya” has finally dropped chemical engineering and filed a petition to switch over to Food Science as of TODAY. (!!)
17 year old Nithya called the switch almost two years before I took any action on it, but better late than never. Over the past year and a half, I have had many “grand plans” about my time in college. Here is an incomplete list detailing my indecisiveness over the past few years: Minor in Food Science(FST) — no minor program offered, stick with Chem E, change to Agricultural Engineering — would take 2 more years of college, do BioChem E, double major in Food Science — would take 1 more year, and finally.. JUST DO FOOD SCIENCE.

Now that I am considerably less busy and finally pursuing something I am passionate about, I am finding the time to update the blog. I have countless pictures and recipes ready to post that I am going to try and speed through over the next few weeks so I can start posting new content. To those of you new to this blog, I only post recipes I create or alter as a way to save recipes that worked for my own future reference. If other people find those recipes useful or take ideas from them, then I will be overjoyed, but at it’s core this blog is a way to share my recipes for my future self.

I have no culinary training, but a passion for food, an obsession with cooking videos on YouTube, and a sole interest in reading cook books.

Thank you for reading it beets me. It means more than I can express 🙂

~Nithya K




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  1. All the very best in your new venture. Perhaps you will invent a food pill that could feed the world in ways that traditional means fail to do. I am thinking of food and chemistry working together.Good luck.
    Viji Aunty

  2. Kay Yasufuku Tam July 9, 2016 — 9:28 am

    Your pictures are so beautiful! I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet but I’ve been totally eyeing the melon pan and Thai tea macarons. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog!

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